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7 things to look for in a real estate agent when buying a home

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Seven things to look for in a real estate agent.

We are going to be exploring this a little bit for a few minutes and discussing this with you so you can have a good idea of what to look for and consequently, what to watch out for as you’re looking for a real estate agent to help you buy your first or a returning home.

So, we’re going to dive right into the first one which is, you want to make sure they’re knowledgeable, both with the market, some of the homes trends, the values, as well as understanding the process of buying a home and the contract that used in purchasing the home. Make sure that they’re familiar with that. Also, they have some of the resources to connect to you with the right lenders and different people involved in the home buying process that they can help you with.

The second one is, you want to make sure they’re honest. Do they have your interests in mind over their interest in their commission? Can they be honest with you as you’re looking at homes and you’ve already established your criteria? If they’re showing you a home that maybe goes against that and you still like it, being honest with you and saying, hey, this is not the right home for you based on what you told me in the beginning. You want to make sure they can be upfront and honest with you, that truly they have your interests in mind.

Number three, are they friendly? Do you like working with them? Doesn’t mean they have to be best friends with them or like family which, oftentimes people choose not to work best with best friends or family for a different reason, but you’ve got to be able to like them. Typically, people will do business with people they like and they enjoy working with.

Number four, that they keep commitments. So if they say they’ll meet you at 3PM, you have confidence that hey will follow through. If not, how can you trust that they will follow through with everything the buying process requires. You want to make sure that you can count on them to do the work that they, that you’re hiring them to do.
Available and responsive. According to your schedule, not their schedule. Are they available for you and do they reply to texts and emails and calls in a timely manner.

The sixth one is that they work hard for you. They go to bat for you to get the best home at the best possible price. They’re good negotiators and they really work hard to see that, again, they have your interests in mind.

Buying incentives is the last one. Did they have different buying incentives for you? Yes, the real estate agent is typically free, but often times, grade agents will have different incentives for buyers for using their services that can save them quite a bit of money. Or they can pay for cleaning and different things that will help you as a buyer in moving into your home, so, kind of check out the different buying incentives that they offer and ask them that question.
So I hope this is helpful as you’re exploring hiring a real estate agent. Now feel free to contact our team of agents. We’d be happy to talk to you about what we can do for you as well as if we might be a good fit for you.

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