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AssetProtect – Keyrenter’s Tenant Paid Property Insurance

At no additional cost to you, we reduce the liability of our property owners by providing Renter’s Liability and Renter’s Insurance policies to cover the residents and the property through our Tenant Advantage Program. 

Although we give tenants the option to provide their own insurance policy, we make it easier and less expensive for them by having them auto-enroll in our policies which are designed with you in mind. They provide maximum coverage against major tenant caused perrills and additional coverage to mitigate other possible issues.

Your property is guaranteed coverage through AssetProtect!

Included with AssetProtect:

  • Resident’s Personal Property Coverage: $5,000 per lease
  • Rental Property Liability Coverage: $100,000 per occurrence
  • Property Damage Liability Covered for Tenant Caused Items:
    • Smoke Damage: $100,000 limit per occurrence
    • Fire: $100,000 limit per occurrence
    • Water: $100,000 limit per occurrence
    • Explosion: $100,000 limit per occurrence
    • Back up or overflow of sewer, drain, sump: $100,000 limit per occurrence
    • Falling objects: $100,000 limit per occurrence
    • Collapse: $100,000 limit per occurrence
    • Freezing of Pipes: $100,000 limit per occurrence
    • Loss of Rental income caused by any of the above: $5,000 limit per occurrence
    • Pet Damage: $1,000 limit per occurrence
    • Mold Remediation: $1,000 limit per occurrence
    • Bed Bug Remediation: $500 limit per occurrence

 View policy information: CLICK HERE

AssetProtect Cost: AssetProtect is FREE to you. The resident covers the cost through our Tenant Advantage Program.

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