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4 Reasons DIY Landlords Hate Their Rentals

There were a lot of frustrations do-it-yourself landlords have with their rentals and we can name a long list. But I’ll sum up the four most common, which we call the four T’s: time, training, tenants, and toilets. Let’s break these down a bit more. First, time. Do-it-yourself landlords get frustrated that their tenants call
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Do Real Estate Investors File Their Own Taxes

You know when I attend real estate seminars or clubs, or talk with our clients, who are regular people just like you that own a rental home, we often talk about accountants and taxes being filed for their property. I would say the vast majority of people I talk to who own rental properties, also
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Keyrenter Housing Market Update for May 2018

 Watch other videos HERE I want to share with you some Salt Lake Housing numbers that are hot off the press for May 2018. In 2017 in May, the sales comparison: We had 1,781 homes in May of last year. This year, we’re down 6% to 1,680. We have low surplus, or we have a
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Tenant Home Purchase Credit Program

Watch other videos HERE Tenant Home Purchase Credit Program Today, I want to talk to you about our Tenant Home Purchase Credit Program which we have in place to allow our tenants, and this is an exclusive program for Key Renter tenants, allow them an opportunity to put a percentage of their rent payments, every month,
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How Does Keyrenter Handle Maintenance

Watch other videos HERE How does Keyrenter handle maintenance? Today I’m going to explain this process for you as it’s a question that’s oftentimes asked to us by those who are seeking our services to manage and oversee their investment properties. I’m going to jump right into the process as it’s really important to understand that
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7 Reasons to Inspect a Rental Property while Occupied

 Watch other videos HERE 7 Reasons to Inspect a Rental Property while Occupied Hey, Nate here with Keyrenter. Today I’m talking about seven reasons to inspect a rental while occupied. So often a rental property goes uninspected by the landlord because of a lack of time, attention, priority, you name it. We hear of different
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Im tired of my rental property, what should i do?

 Watch other videos HERE I am tired of my rental property. What should I do? Oftentimes when an investor or landlord gets into rental properties, they don’t anticipate some of the challenges they might face. And sometimes, especially if they’re not doing it right, they’re going to get burnt out. They’re going to get frustrated,
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