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5 Tips for finding great tenants FAST in the Winter

Today, we’re going to talk about some tips and some things that you can do to lessen the days on market during the winter months. The winter months, especially here in Utah, is a time when sometimes you can have a rental unit that’s sitting longer on the market than during the summer months. A
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Top 11 Secrets to Attract Quality Renters

Vetting a prospective tenant is one of the most important things you as a landlord can do to maximize your success. Not only can it impact your profits, but it can also make or break your rental property business. Let’s discuss how to attract the best renters in Salt Lake City. Why Quality Tenants Matter
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January 2021 – Housing Shortage, Laws & Orders!

Hey Friends! So let’s talk about the Utah housing shortage, and some local/national laws and orders coming down the pipe. The first one to start off with the housing shortage that we’re facing here in Utah.  There are 55,000 households in Utah that are doubling up. And what that means is essentially 55,000 households that
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12 Ways to Increase Your Rental Income in Salt Lake County

Are you lucky enough to own rental property in Salt Lake County? If so, you have a prime opportunity to earn passive income that can benefit you for years to come. Salt Lake County offers an average monthly rental income of $1,185. However, be aware that this average can vary from property to property. This
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Should You Allow a Cosigner for Your Salt Lake City Rental Home?

When you have a property for rent, you’re likely seeking qualified tenants with proven track records. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world so some tenants may ask to use a co-signer. Should you allow for a cosigner on your Salt Lake City, UT rental property? Like anything else in the world of property
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6 Effective Ways to Boost Tenant Retention

Vacancies are expensive, especially unexpected vacancies. Empty properties mean you’re still paying for all the expenses associated with the rental without generating the income to cover the costs. The longer the home is vacant, the more money you spend. Tenant retention strategies and a focus on lease renewals in Salt Lake City help local landlords
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Mortgage Lending & Rates Webinar 10/28/2020

This recording of the free webinar explores the ins and outs of the current mortgage lending environment we’re in. What interest rates are doing, refinancing, how to take advantage, and what the future holds. We were joined by special guests and lending professionals: Taylor WrightSecurity National Mortgage(801) [email protected] Daron LeBlancGuaranteed Rate Affinity(801) [email protected]

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