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Home Purchase Credit Program

Cash Towards Home Purchase

Have you ever wished you could earn credit towards purchasing a home while renting? With our Home Purchase Credit Program, you can earn up to $3,000 or more. You will earn up to 25% for every dollar you pay in rent.* (Request more information)

Buy in the middle of a Lease!

As a Keyrenter resident, don’t let your lease slow you down!  If you buy a home through us, we can use our tenant replacement program to find new tenants to take over your lease. (Request more information)

There are no fees, no minimum residency requirements, and you enroll automatically in the program by renting a home or apartment from us.

Rent, Earn, and Learn

While you earn credits, we will help you get started down the path to home ownership.
• Check credit and know where you are and where you will need to be (game plan)
• Learn how to establish and repair your credit (click here)
• Work with our credit repair specialists if needed
• Learn about the mortgage and home buying process (click here)
(Request more information)

Buy a Home

When you are ready we will:
• Walk you through the mortgage process and help you get connected with a great lender. You can see how much you qualify for by filling out this form, HERE.
• Match you with one of our professional real estate agents to help you find your perfect home, free of charge.
(Request more information)

*The tenant must rent from Keyrenter to qualify and must purchase a home through a Keyrenter real estate agent or affiliate, and through a Keyrenter Preferred Lender.  The credit amount is dependent on how long of a rental history and the purchase price of the home.

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