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How to Properly Provide Tenant References for Landlords

Click Here for the reference i9nformation referred to in the video. One of the common steps in screening a tenant is to get verification from previous landlords that the tenant you are wanting to rent to was or is a good tenant. Unfortunately, many landlords don’t want to fill these requests, especially if they are
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6 Ways to Get a Tenant to Renew Their Lease

In my last tip on reducing vacancy, I briefly mentioned the importance of being intentional with lease renewals. Today I want to dive deeper to give some winning lease renewal strategies. Check out my video above for even more details. When you have a good tenant, you don’t want them to move. Period. That turnover
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What is Considered Normal Rental Property Wear and Tear?

Every state permits landlords to ask for a security deposit with the agreement to return it whenever the tenant wishes to leave the property in whatever state they found it in, with the exception of normal wear and tear. However, this term can be different depending on which property owner you talk to across the
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How to Maximize Your Rental Income

What is the number one killer of ROI?… Vacancy! There are many tactical and strategic ways you can reduce property vacancy, but there’s not enough time to explain all of them here! But, I will be diving deep into them in my upcoming book and podcast, The Successful Landlord’s Playbook. Today, let me touch on
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