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How to Prevent These Top 5 Costly Mistakes New Landlords Make

Are you a new investment property owner in Salt Lake City looking to save money? Unfortunately, many who are new to overseeing a rental property can also witness the money drain on their bank accounts. That’s because some mistakes can have you spending more money than is necessary, or even cause you to lose money.
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6 Ways to Get a Tenant to Renew Their Lease

In my last tip on reducing vacancy, I briefly mentioned the importance of being intentional with lease renewals. Today I want to dive deeper to give some winning lease renewal strategies. Check out my video above for even more details. When you have a good tenant, you don’t want them to move. Period. That turnover
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How to Maximize Your Rental Income

What is the number one killer of ROI?… Vacancy! There are many tactical and strategic ways you can reduce property vacancy, but there’s not enough time to explain all of them here! But, I will be diving deep into them in my upcoming book and podcast, The Successful Landlord’s Playbook. Today, let me touch on
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How much should I budget for a tenant turnover?

 How much should I budget for a tenant turnover? Here are some general guidelines as well as our philosophy when approaching tenants and turnovers with properties we personally own. I for one, am happy when a great tenant stays in my property for a long time. One of the biggest frustrations tenants experience is
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Salt Lake Rental Market Update – April 2019

Below are the latest trends, metrics, and stats for the Salt Lake County rental market. Overall, our market is strong and rent is continuing to increase. In the category of 4 bedrooms multifamily apartments, rent levels are leveling off and starting to decrease.

Keyrenter Housing Market Update for May 2018

 Watch other videos HERE I want to share with you some Salt Lake Housing numbers that are hot off the press for May 2018. In 2017 in May, the sales comparison: We had 1,781 homes in May of last year. This year, we’re down 6% to 1,680. We have low surplus, or we have a
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What does a property manager do for an investor?

Watch other videos HERE What does a property manager do for an investor? If you’re asking this question or you’re curious about this topic maybe it means you’re an investor, you own rental properties, or you’d like to own rental properties and you’re considering whether you should hire it out or do it yourself. So, you’ve
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13 Points to Having a Successful Rental Property

 Watch other videos HERE Today I want to talk about thirteen points to having a successful rental property. Let’s jump right into it with number one: 1)   Treat your rental like a business…because it is a business. 2)   Have a financial reserve in a separate bank account set aside for rental properties. We recommend having
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