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Best Areas to Invest in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, Utah is forecast to experience a boom in population growth over the coming years. So, with a low unemployment rate, a rising reputation as a tech hub, and top-tier industries like healthcare, travel, hospitality, education, and finance, the Salt Lake City area has a robust economy that is only growing. For investors
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Guide to Buying an Investment Property in Salt Lake City, UT

Would you like to invest in Salt Lake City real estate? If you are, you won’t regret it. Salt Lake City provides an ideal destination for both new and experienced property investors. It’s among the fastest-developing cities in the country, with a rising population that needs additional housing.  Salt Lake City offers a promising opportunity
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Increasing rent or renewing?

Our team has been talking a lot about renewals recently and how to go about increasing rent. With this market, things are going up and we have a lot of tenants renewing their leases right now. So it’s been top of mind for us, and probably it’s been top of mind for you. Here are
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Breaking a lease in Salt Lake City Utah – Know the Laws

When tenants decide to break their lease, it can be stressful for a landlord!  In many cases, a tenant will be responsible for paying the landlord a certain amount after they break a lease. However, breaking a lease in Utah doesn’t always mean that a tenant will be penalized. A tenant can break their lease
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A Guide to the Eviction Process in Salt Lake City Utah

While no landlord wants to evict their tenant, sometimes eviction may be your only option. After all, what else can you do when your Utah tenant won’t pay rent or is causing excessive property damage?  However, there is a legal process you must follow when conducting evictions in Utah which is outlined in the state’s
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Is there anything to be worried about with new laws in Utah?

Today we want to talk to you about the new laws in Utah. I have been heavily involved with some of these new laws in Utah. Every week I’ve been meeting up with our government affairs committee and talking to them about what’s been proposed this year and what kind of changes are trying to
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Utah Security Deposit Limits and Deadlines

Renting out a property in Utah comes with legal responsibilities. Among these are security deposit laws, which are contained in the statewide landlord-tenant act. (Utah Code Tit. 57 Ch. 16). As a landlord, strict adherence to this important piece of legislature is key to success! If you don’t follow these laws, you risk getting into
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Utah Rental Laws – An Overview of Landlord Tenant Rights in Salt Lake City

In Utah, a lease is established once a tenant starts paying the rent required to occupy a rental. A lease agreement grants a tenant certain rights, including the right to live in a safe and habitable space without being discriminated against. Similarly, a rental agreement grants you certain rights as a landlord. For instance, a
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Do you own it? Blame no one

You are the roots of your fruits. Today I want to talk about having extreme ownership of our life. Why your life is the way it is and what a blessing it is to own it. So, you are the roots of your fruits. That is the quote that I heard this morning while listening
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Eviction Moratorium Cancelled? No? What the…?

Do you know what is currently going on with the CDC eviction Moratorium? Seems like one minute it is on, then the next it isn’t. Feels like we are going around in circles.  The most recent extension given by president Biden extended the eviction moratorium through June 30th. On May 5th, the US district judge
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Mortgage Lending & Rates Webinar 10/28/2020

This recording of the free webinar explores the ins and outs of the current mortgage lending environment we’re in. What interest rates are doing, refinancing, how to take advantage, and what the future holds. We were joined by special guests and lending professionals: Taylor WrightSecurity National Mortgage(801) [email protected] Daron LeBlancGuaranteed Rate Affinity(801) [email protected]e.com

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