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Let’s CRUSH IT in 2021! How you are getting in your own way…without even knowing it.

Hey friends, Nate with Keyrenter Property Management here. So I’ve been reflecting a little bit today on this year, 2020, some of the challenges, some of the opportunities that have come out of it, as well as what I want to accomplish this next year in 2021. And many of you I’m sure have had similar thoughts and you’ve been thinking, how can you make next year, even better than this! And I often think, how can I make today better than yesterday? A few things that have come to mind. And even some thoughts from a couple of my mentors. One of those is Mel Robbins. You may know she wrote the book, the Five Second Rule, and the other one is Darren Hardy, who was the founder and CEO of Success Magazine. He’s also a very influential coach and a mentor of mentors. He has a program coming out this year called the Hero’s Journey, which is all about improving ourselves as leaders, entrepreneurs, as people, husbands, wives, friends, etc.

What are the action items, the goals that I have in my heart and my mind, even on paper that are just not happening? And what’s creating the obstacles for me, why am I not accomplishing those? Have you had those thoughts? Do you have anything that you would like to accomplish that you’re just not making progress on that you’re spinning your wheels on?

So Mel talks about our brains and how our mind is set out to protect us from pain, from discomfort, from getting into situations that might create that imbalance in our lives. So what happens is our brains convince us to do other things rather than to take action in the direction of our goals. And Darren on Monday talked about the resistance, that our brains and our minds are working against us. And sometimes it’s like, you know, I need to do this today. Maybe it’s one of those calls or conversations you have to have with someone that’s uncomfortable or difficult. And he talks about how, oftentimes we find ourselves saying, you know what, I’m going to go onto Facebook for a little while, or I need to respond to these emails first, or do X, Y, and Z. And at the end of the day, we look back and we say, you know what…I never did that. I never made that call. I didn’t have that conversation. And that is the resistance that’s keeping us from taking action.

So what is the solution is I’m looking at my goals, the things I want to accomplish this next year. The solution that they both talk about Mel and Darren is to act before our brains can convince us otherwise. So Mel talks about the five seconds that we have before our brains start to influence our behavior. And when we have the thought, I need to do this, you start doing it and you start gaining a little bit of momentum. So for me, I want to break it down this next year. What are my big goals? What are the big things I want to accomplish? And then what are the micro steps to help me get towards those big goals and to start taking action today, before my brain takes over to accomplish those micro steps.

And so, as you’re looking at this, I hope that this is helpful. Have you experienced some of this yourself? I’m sure that you have, because you’re human just like me and we all have our struggles. We have our challenges. We have the many opportunities around us in this world. And sometimes we just got to get out of our own way. We’ve got to take the action that we need to take.

Take care, everybody.

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