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Do you own it? Blame no one

Own your Life

You are the roots of your fruits. Today I want to talk about having extreme ownership of our life. Why your life is the way it is and what a blessing it is to own it. So, you are the roots of your fruits.

That is the quote that I heard this morning while listening to one of my mentors, Darren Hardy. He always knows just what to say, how to hit me right where it counts. I just love this concept. 

You are, and I am creating every outcome in our lives. As it stands today, you’ve made your choices and your choices have made your life. You created it by what you did or didn’t do, and how you responded to life. 

One of the supporting points of our core values is to blame no one. Now, if we are truly going to live by that, then we shouldn’t blame anyone for anything going on in our lives, our businesses, careers, marriages, relationships, health, finances, or anything.

It’s just you. It’s just me. Even though you may have, and I have, and we all have made some decisions and created some problems and issues in our lives over the years, the liberating point is that you are also the answer and the solution. And to me that is just powerful. You have the power and you can do what needs to be done to improve.

As Darren taught today, if you don’t like the way your marriage is, your business is, your career is, your financial situation, you will never get a lasting change until you change you.

What can you do to own your life? 

You need to start actively working on the areas of your life that you want to see improve. When you improve,  things go better with many areas of your life.

When you improve, you become more attractive, more able, capable, and confident. When you get better, everything in your life gets better.

When you grow, everything in your life grows with you. So the solution will only be as great as you are.

You don’t get in life what you want, but only what you are. And I love this quote; “If the fruit is bad, don’t look at the fruits, look at the roots”. 

You are the roots of all your fruits. 

So my first question for you is, do you own it? Do you own your life? and question number two, what are you doing each day, with intention and purpose to improve, grow, or be better?

Do you have any habits or behaviors you need to start doing or others you need to stop doing? I’m constantly working on this and believe me, it’s a challenge. It’s really hard, but it’s one that I’ve grown to love with a passion. 

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