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Essential Tips for Rental Homes Owners

Investing in rental homes can seem like a smooth undertaking in theory. Most people believe that it involves just building the houses, finding tenants, and collecting the money that starts to roll into one’s account. Conversely, managing rental homes may turn out to be a challenging undertaking punctuated with stress and various setbacks. However, at Keyrenter Property Management, we can help you become a successful rental home owner.

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Before we look at helpful tips for success in rental property ownership, let us have a look at the drawbacks of rental homes ownership.

Unforeseen Expenses

It is hard to get prepared for unexpected expenses in any business venture. Plumbing, cracks, and other home fixtures are basic maintenance issues that have to be fixed from time to time in any home and are normally inexpensive. However, some maintenance issues like bad wire connection, fault roofing, and bad foundations may prove to be too costly to repair. If these repairs are not fixed on time, your tenants may threaten to leave your property, and all you will be counting are losses from vacant houses.

Bad Tenants

No rental owner wants to use a collection agency to get overdue rent from his or her tenants. Unfortunately, some tenants have to be escorted by law enforcement agencies out of your property thus erasing the hopes of ever getting all the overdue rent. Bad tenants are also likely to increase the unexpected expenses to your rentals.


Providing someone a home in exchange for their money puts the tenant and the owner in a relationship that all parties involved bear a certain level of responsibility. To avoid liabilities, such as when a poorly constructed structure causes injuries to your, and avoid frivolous lawsuits, you must ensure that your rental property meets all the state codes.

Diminishing the drawbacks in your rental property management can be simple. Here are some tips that will assist you:

Keeping Prospects Reasonable

You should aim for a continuous cash flow by keeping your prospects in check. If your expectations override you, you may get tempted to raise the rent and chase away the good tenants. Thus, it is important to keep your expectations checked. Our Property Management Company in West Jordan can help you keep your prospects in check.

Know the Rules

You need to have property legislation at your fingertips. Federal and state rules simply outline your responsibilities and liabilities so that you won’t assume ignorance when something occurs. You better spend several hours reading about rental property legislation rather than spend time in the courts.

Putting Everything in Black and White

It is essential for every property managers in Sandy to put every agreement on paper. This is the only evidence that a tenant and the rental homeowner have of their agreement. In the absence of professional records, you would not be able to back any claims if tenants make a dispute.

To avoid this, you must ensure that your tenancy contract is as comprehensive as possible. If there are many tenants, like in small multi-unit apartments, the contract form should state whether the tenants are jointly liable for the property or not.

Being Thorough

Our property management company in West Jordan advises clients to ensure that they give themselves enough time to do repairs and maintenance once a tenant has left the house. By doing this, they will minimize the complaints from incoming tenants from the very first day. This also helps them to evaluate the status of the house before a new tenant settles. This is to ensure the home is worth the tenant’s rent.

Provide Contacts

We advise rental property owners to always provide professional technicians’ phone numbers to their tenants to help them to make arrangements in case of emergency repairs. This allows the tenants to contact plumbers, repair people, and electricians whenever they have some failures without having to wait for the property owner. However, they should be cautioned not to cause more damage to the house.

Provide as Little as Possible

As a rental property owner, you should be as simple as possible in equipping your property. This is because the more elaborate a property is, the higher the cost of maintaining it. Thus, it is important to avoid providing extras like TVs, iron boxes, and other appliances unless a technician checks them regularly. As Property Managers in Sandy, we often advise that the rental property owners should provide only the basics to avoid high maintenance costs.

Create an Emergency Fund

This is money set aside to cater for unforeseen expenses that may not be covered by insurance. Even without setting a goal for the emergency monies, at least 20 percent of the total value of your rental property should be readily available. In fact, any amount is better than nothing at all. It is important to channel a certain amount of your current income from your property to the emergency fund pool.

Join the Rental Homes Owners’ Association

Joining an association will give a rental property owner a vast experience, expose them to good contractors, lawyers, inspectors, sample leases, and various regulations and laws. These associations also enable the property owners to share and get experiences in the real estate management skills and the rental industry at large. Importantly, the association updates investors on rental property market trends and development on a regular basis. As Property Managers in Sandy, we encourage you to enroll in associations that can prove beneficial to you.

Make Friends with a Tax Professional, an Attorney, and a Banker

To increase rental property holdings, networking with these professionals will be monumental. The professionals will provide you with the required support and advice that you will need to prosper in the rental homes business.

Whether it is a condo, a single-family unit, or a smaller multi-unit apartment; it is apparent that you will need a lot of effort and time managing it. To run a successful business in rental homes, you must be organized and be able to find assistance from professionals when you need it. If you reside in Utah, our Property Management Company in West Jordan and the Property Managers in Sandy can provide reliable management services and even run the business on your behalf.

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