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Say Goodbye to Bad Tenants

We help reduce the headaches of late rent checks, property damage, and more through our 14-step tenant screening process and management systems.

Our Process For Placing Quality Tenants

We lease quality homes fast to quality tenants through our professional photography and video tours, maximum exposure to 40+ leading ad sites, widely available leasing department, innovative on demand showing system, and quick and easy digital lease signing process.

Our 4 P’s of Tenant Placement


Pricing your rental correctly and competitively is critical to its success. We price your rental using our knowledge of the local market, current comparables, and pricing analysis software.


It has been shown that tenants will not click on rentals online that have less than 11 pictures. Some listing sites will not show poor quality pictures. For these reasons, our professional marketing of video and photos attract a lot of attention, and for you, a great tenant.


About 70% of all tenants have a pet. If you allow a pet or two, we require that an application is filled out on each pet, and if approved, a deposit and monthly fee are paid.


Rather than just placing a sign and posting on one rental site, we place your rental on dozens of sites, work with relocation agencies, and attract a lot of activity.

Tenant Screening

A rental is only as successful as the tenant living there. That’s why we put a lot of our resources towards finding the best tenant for your rental property. We stand behind our tenant placement services by offering our Tenant Guarantee.

Our comprehensive and rigorous tenant screening process is unmatched. We run a thorough credit and delinquency check, criminal history, eviction and national registry searches, debt-to-income check, employment and income verification, rental history, and more.

Tenant Screening Checklist

  • Application Fee Paid
  • Current Photo ID
  • Identity Verification
  • Legal Residency
  • Meet Occupancy Limit
  • Pet Requirements
  • Credit Report
  • Proof of Income
  • Proof of Employment
  • Debt to Income
  • Criminal History
  • Public Registry Search
  • Rental History
  • Eviction Search

Tenant Disagreements & Evictions

Resolving Tenant Disagreements

  • If you have a tenant that doesn’t abide by the rules, you can end up frustrated and thinking it is time to evict them.
  • We always try to work with your renters before eviction.
  • Our goal is to work on resolving the disagreement to ensure you are still able to keep renters in your property.
  • If we are unable to work with the renters, we will then move onto the legal process of evicting the tenants from your property.
  • One of the problems that can arise when dealing with evictions is abiding by the legal agreement.
  • There are a number of laws governing tenant rights and relationships with tenants and landlords.
  • Keyrenter Salt Lake handles the eviction process legally by filing the appropriate paperwork, representing your interests in court, and ensuring your property and rights are protected.

Tenant not paying rent?

How do we handle a situation where a tenant’s not paying right now? How do we move forward in the future to ensure that we’re, we’re going to be protected?

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Finding New Tenants After Evictions

  • After eviction has been completed, we will focus on finding new tenants for your property.
  • We will restore your home to it’s proper condition to prepare it to be ready for the next set of tenants.
  • All new tenants will be carefully screened to ensure you do not wind up with the wrong tenants once again.
  • At Keyrenter Salt Lake, we are devoted to clients needs and we have been able to maintain an extremely low eviction rate.

EvictionGuard – We Protect You Against Tenant Evictions

  • Evictions can be one of the most frustrating and challenging aspects of owning rental property.
  • It’s also one of the top concerns people have when renting out their house.
    Our rent collection and screening processes are so effective, we have an industry leading 0.03% eviction rate.
  • In other words, we rarely need to evict one of our tenants.
  • In fact, we are so confident in what we do, if there is ever a need to evict your tenant, we will cover the cost of it.

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