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How Does Keyrenter Handle Maintenance

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How does Keyrenter handle maintenance?

Today I’m going to explain this process for you as it’s a question that’s oftentimes asked to us by those who are seeking our services to manage and oversee their investment properties. I’m going to jump right into the process as it’s really important to understand that we have structure to this process, and it’s something that we take very seriously to keep your cost down as much as we possibly can and to protect your asset.
The first one is whenever there’s a repair request or something that happens, we need to determine responsibility. Is this something that a tenant is responsible for based on the lease agreement and other expectations that are set or is this something that the owner is responsible for? We don’t want to have an owner being charged for something that the tenant broke or that they’re responsible for fixing.

The second one is it a necessary repair? Is it necessary by the state statute, Fit Premises Laws, other ordinances that are in place as well as necessary by the lease agreement? Is it something that needs to be fixed? If it was existing when the property was rented and it was working properly, then the answer is yeah, it probably needs to be fixed. However, there are some tenant requests that are not necessary and some things that can be considered frivolous or something that doesn’t have to be done. We want to make sure it’s necessary before we just send someone to repair it and to fix it.

We diagnose and troubleshoot the issue. At this stage, let’s say for example, the heat is out and we’re taking this work order, this call from a tenant. We want to first, before HAVC tech is sent out, we want to make sure that they check the filter, check the thermostat or their batteries that are working in the thermostat. Flip on and off the furnace making sure that it can come back on and sometimes, doing some troubleshooting maybe even cleaning some things out will fix the situation like that.

Similar to a garbage disposal. If a garbage disposal isn’t working, pushing the reset button, sometimes there’s a manual crank that can dislodge some things from that disposal. We want to do a lot of these stuff before there’s any expense to you as the investor, as the property owner. That way, we can make sure that our interests are aligned and that we’re not just trying to spend money out there. Of course, we don’t make money on maintenance, and so we’re not marking up invoices. You know that we don’t have any interest really in generating that kind of business for ourselves.

Under previous repair warranty. Did we already have a vendor that went out there two months ago to fix the same thing? We check our work order log to see if there was an issue recently that could potentially still be under warranty. Again, before we just send someone out and spend rental income funds to pay for this.

Is there a home warranty? Now, although we discourage a home warranty and I’ve got a video that talks about whether or not you should have a home warranty since these are not meant for a rental property. These are meant for owner occupied, we still will see if there’s a home warranty and do our best to run it through the home warranty. Oftentimes, they drag their feet. They don’t take care of things well. But we will make an attempt there to run it through the home warranty first.

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