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the perfect tenant

How Keyrenter Attracts the Perfect Tenant?

Any landlord knows how challenging it can be to find the perfect tenant. How do you find someone that will care for the property, will pay on time and will be a reliable income source? At Keyrenter Salt Lake, we set goals with each landlord to ensure we can attract and keep high-quality tenants. We focus on reducing turnover rates and improving profits while keeping your bottom line in the green. Here are some of the things we offer at Keyrenter to ensure we are finding the perfect tenant.

the perfect tenant

Identifying Your Ideal Tenant

We sit down with our landlords to identify what they are looking for in a good tenant. Some landlords do not care much about the day-to-day personality of the tenant, they care about the property being filled and making money. We want to help landlords see beyond the dollar bill and write down characteristics that make a good tenant. Some of the things we look for in quality tenants include the following:

  • Stable employment
  • Adherence to rental agreements
  • Timely rent payments
  • Considerate attitude toward property and neighbors
  • No history of eviction

Some property owners will have additional needs as well such as a pet policy and smoking cessation. It is important to sit down with us and discuss your ideal tenant so we can go out there and find them.

Proper Advertising and Marketing

Keyrenter Salt Lake has a large network of associates we can turn to when it is time to start looking for new tenants. We have multiple advertising and marketing teams we can work with to spread the word about the property. When we have a larger applicant pool, it makes it easier for us to screen out the tenants that we know are not up to the right caliber of candidates for your property.

Property Maintenance

What really makes a tenant want to submit an application? They need to be impressed by the property. When they view images online and schedule a time to walk through one of the vacant properties, they need to be able to picture living there. Property maintenance is vital to making the property look attractive and to stay modern. We always change the locks between tenants, and care for a number of things from upgrading appliances to painting walls and replacing carpet, Keyrenter steps in and can be your complete solution to all things property maintenance. Keeping the property clean and maintaining it will go a long way in helping to weed out the candidates that you do not want renting from you.

Clear Policies and Expectations

We firmly believe in educating tenants. One of the important things we do is to provide candidates with clear policies and expectations when it comes to living in a property. We want tenants to know the rules, the local laws, and more. It is our job to teach them how to be a good tenant so they will want to stay for years to come.

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