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How to Find a Roommate You Can Trust

The easy part when you are in the process to find a roommate is checking places like or finding one through the alumni association at your school. They’ll often have a Facebook page where you can find someone who went to your school.


The hard part is finding a roommate who you click with and can trust. While you may not be looking for a best friend, you want someone who will pay bills on time and doesn’t have a lot of drama.

Multiple Interviews

Never offer the room to the first person you meet. Have a few meetings with the person to ensure they seem trustworthy. Think of it like a date and meet for coffee. Chat with them for a bit and watch for red flags.

Questions to Ask

  • What do you do for a living?
  • Where did you live previously?
  • Were there prior roommates, and how did you get along with them?

Make sure you’re really listening to their answers. If they have a spotty job history, they might not be able to pay their portion of the rent. Prior issues with roommates might mean they are the problem.

Background Check

It could be worth it to pay for a background check on a potential roommate. You’ll have to decide how you feel about digging into someone’s background, but if they’ve been to jail or had a serious problem, you’ll be glad you found out before living with this person.

Google Them

Whether you do a background check or not, you can always hit Google for information. As we all know, everything online will stay online. You’ll be able to see what kind of history they have. A history of parties and arrests are likely not the history you want in a new roommate.

Check Social Media Pages

Their Facebook page should have clues about their personality as well as what kind of drama they have in their lives. While you might not want to judge the life of someone else, that drama could hit your doorstep if you decide to room with them.

Discuss Arrangements

Be upfront about the living arrangements including when the rent is due. Discuss how you’ll plan on splitting the bills as well as how much privacy you expect to have in your home. Has this set in stone before you meet with potential roommates? You don’t want to be uncertain about the arrangements yourself.

Don’t be afraid to really question a potential new roommate. You’ll be living in the same house with this person, and you’ll want to ensure they are reliable and trustworthy. It’s vital that you ensure they also have trustworthy friends since those friends will likely be in the home too.

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