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How Utah Real Estate Agents can GROW SALES During COVID-19

This is a recording of the free virtual webinar for Utah Real Estate Agents. This aired live on April 16th, 2020 at 10 am MDT.

Keyrenter is inviting real estate agents to join us for this workshop! In light of COVID-19, we know that maintaining sales growth during this time can be daunting.

We happen to believe that you can still get business, and in fact improve and GROW business by refining your selling techniques and working to add value to your clients in other ways.

In this workshop, we’ll be discussing how you can use COVID-19 to your advantage to stand out against the competition, as well as give you a space to network with some of your real estate peers.

Frank Ivory will be leading this conversation. He is the owner of Cottonwood Title with decades of sales experience that has aided in growing Cottonwood Title to what it is now!

To help you leave even more connected, we’ll also be giving away a brand new pair of Apple AirPods!

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