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I have poor credit. Can I still buy a home?

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I have poor credit. Can I still buy a home?

This is a question that we’re often asked by those who are interested in buying a home. So I want to explore this with you a little bit today and have a little bit of a discussion. But first and foremost, I want to answer this question. It really is: Yes. There are always options regardless of your credit situation, okay?
Now, the first option, number one, is that you may be surprised that you can still qualify. So let’s find out. Some people cut themselves short by thinking their credit is too bad to qualify that they don’t even investigate it. They don’t talk to the right people. I’d invite you to call our office and find out. We can connect you with people on our team that can help you understand if you can qualify right now.

Option number two, seller financing. Seller financing can be a great option for those who can’t traditionally qualify for a traditional loan. And so what this is, is essentially the seller offers to be the bank for you. So they don’t have the same level of lending criteria that a bank or an institution typically would. So seller financing can be a way that you can still qualify for a home that you can buy.

Option number three, wait a period of time, and often time it’s not as long as you might think. And work with our credit repair specialists. They can help you improve your credit, get it to a position where you can qualify for a traditional loan or even understanding what other options you have available.
So invite you to contact our office and just see what your situation is and make sure that you can find the best solution to meet your home buying goals.

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