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Learn How to Handle Rental Complaints

As property managers in West Valley City, one of the most challenging but rewarding parts of our job is to keep tenants happy. When a renter has a problem at his/her rental property, he/she will complain to the landlord or property manager. These rental complaints do not have to cause conflicts between you and the tenant. Every claim, no matter how small it may seem, should be taken seriously and handled in a professional manner. We have heard of stories where renters complaints were just shrugged off or ridiculed to the point where they felt that the problem in question was in some way, their fault.


The most common landlord-tenant complaints include noise problems, pet problems, maintenance issues, cleanliness of property or other tenants, and pest problems. There are ways a landlord can use to ensure these complaints are resolved successfully and that the tenant is satisfied. Here are some of them.

Document the Complaint Immediately

While we all assume that we will remember something in the course of a busy day, things like complaints can unintentionally escape our minds. This means the problem will not be resolved, resulting in an unsatisfied tenant. So, make sure you document all your tenant’s issues.

Listen to the Complaint

To be able to resolve tenant complaints successfully, it is paramount that you listen to what the tenant is saying. Being understanding and respectful about the issue may help keep the client calm and enable you to be more receptive to the issue.

For instance, you may already be aware of the small roof leak that happens in the kitchen when there is heavy rain. If the client calls to let you know that his/her kitchen has a leak, you may disregard it as the one that you already know.It is good to ask questions to be able to know the strength and location of the leak. It could be a burst pipe that requires fixing immediately. Always listen carefully to your tenant’s exact problem and ask leading questions to know exactly what is happening.

Show Genuine Concern

Dismissing a client’s concern is an easy way to create hostility. No matter how you feel about their complaint, it is important that you make them feel that their concern is valid and that you will try all you can to address it as soon as you can. Make the tenants feel that you are there for them, rather than being the evil landlord.

Address the Concern Immediately

A small routine maintenance call regarding a faulty appliance could quickly soar to a complaint about the responsiveness of the management.Depending on the amplitude of the problem, you don’t necessarily have to stop all you are doing to fix it, but you need to make sure that the issue is resolved within a specified amount of time. A broken door lock, for instance, will require being fixed immediately, but things like a cracked tile or broken kitchen cabinet handle can wait a few days.Keyrenter Salt Lake are property managers in West Valley City who are ready to help those landlords that are overwhelmed with tenant issues. Do not let tenant complaints pile up to the extent that your clients see you as incompetent.

Complaints Concerning Excessive Noise Should be Investigated and Handled Appropriately

Complaints regarding excessive noise are common. In the case where there is no noise violation, managers should take the initiative to explain noise restrictions as well as local laws to the complaining party. In case the complaint is legitimate for instance, blasting music at night, the party at fault should be dealt with immediately.

Consider the Legitimacy of the Complaint

While it is the responsibility of the property manager or landlord to respond to all complaints in a prompt manner, there is a time when there is no basis for the complaint. For instance, complaining about the off blue colored walls in an apartment is not a valid complaint as the client already knew the wall color before moving in.

Be Professional

Always strive to be professional in every situation! This is your business so don’t allow your emotions to obscure your judgment. Do not scream back when the tenant is screaming. Do not curse. Don’t threaten or resort to tactics like interfering with your tenant’s utilities or ignoring maintenance requests. This could put you in a legal jeopardy. Always maintain your calm at all times.

Always Provide a Written Response to your Tenant’s Complaint

While we always want to speak to tenants in person, putting everything in writing offers further reassurance that the problem has been resolved promptly. It will also act as a point of reference for the recurring complaints. Constant complaints, for instance, poor property lighting and excessive noise may be an indication of a larger problem that needs to be tackled.

Be Available

A tenant will easily get frustrated if he/she feels that you are never available. This doesn’t mean that you have to be reachable 24/7. You can have regular working hours when a client can contact you. During these hours, it is important that you readily respond to their emails and phone calls.You should, however, make it clear that clients should not contact you at odd hours unless there is an emergency. Make sure there is a plan of urgency in place at the property so that tenants know what you consider a real emergency.Anyone in the rental industry will admit that it is not possible to avoid rental complaints. You can, however, reduce conflict and keep a good working relationship if you learn to stay calm and behave in a mature, responsible way. Always act professionally and do not resort to screaming or threats, even if the other party does so. Remember, people have different trigger points and personalities, so it’s hard to assess how someone will react when faced with conflict.As a landlord in West Valley City, you can avoid all the headache of dealing with rental complaints by letting the West Valley City property management personnel like Keyrenter Salt Lake to help manage your property. We have all the experience to handle all your rental problems and keep your investment protected.

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