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fall cleaning checklist

Prep Your Home for the Next Season With this Fall Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning your house before the fall sets in is important. With all the activity during summer months,  a lot of areas and household items accumulate dirt and dust. Your fall cleaning checklist is one tool that helps you systematically execute the deep cleaning that is necessary for preparation for Fall and Winter months and the upcoming Holiday season.  Here are some ideas to help you kick-start your fall cleaning.

fall cleaning checklist


Areas to Check Off of Your Fall Cleaning Checklist

Here are the various areas you need to check off your fall cleaning checklist as you prepare your home for the new season.

  • Mattresses

The mattresses that you and your family sleep on need some attention as Fall is about to set in. Turn your mattresses over to prevent body impressions from forming on one side of the mattress due to constant use in one position. In case you can’t flip it due to a pillow top, turn it around in 180 degrees to use it in a different position.

It is always a good idea to use some baking soda to get rid of any odor. Just sprinkle some of it on the mattress so it can neutralize it. Clean up by vacuuming it. That will also get rid of any dust mites that have accumulated through the shedding of skin cells.

  • Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke detectors play a rather critical role in the safety of a house from any fire hazard. Their consistent performance even during the fall is therefore necessary. One issue that can creep up on your detectors silently and lead to underperformance is the accumulation of dust. Ensure that you clean around the detector’s openings which are the most vulnerable areas regarding dust piling up.

Check the batteries if you haven’t assessed them lately and replace if necessary. A good trick to use in regularly doing this is to replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors every time you reset your clock to Daylight Saving Time. Any detectors that are ten years old or more require replacement as part of best practices in fire hazard safety.

  • Gutters

Gutters are notorious for their ability to clog quickly. Inspect your gutters to clear up any residue that has accumulated and is blocking proper drainage. Ensure you also clean the downspouts. This can help eliminate water accumulation at doorsteps and deter possible lawsuits due to guests falling on slippery frozen surfaces.

  • Windows and Door Frames

As fall approaches, temperatures drop considerably. You will, therefore, have to use indoor heating to keep yourself warm. If there is any leak that lets the cold air in, you will end up spending significantly more on energy bills while also not keeping sufficiently warm. To avoid this, inspect all your window and door frames for any holes and gaps. Use caulk to seal window and door frames that might cause drafts and let cold air in.

Window coverings will also need addressing as Fall approaches. Replace lightweight window coverings with heavier fabrics that are created to keep the house warm as temperatures drop. Do not forget to clean the window panes as well to wipe off any dust and dirt that accumulated during the Summer.  Keyrenter Salt Lake in Midvale Utah can help you identify a reputable contractor for this.

  • The Pantry

During the Summer, deep cleaning of your house isn’t typically the priority. As a result, food stored in the pantry can accumulate some degree of dust and crumbs. Take out all the cans and containers present in your pantry to run an audit of what is and isn’t in stock. You can use a shelf-life chart to evaluate better food that has gone bad or is about to spoil for you to plan your bulk purchase for the fall. Once you finish inspecting the food vacuum the pantry to get rid of any crumbs or dust before putting it all back. This task will greatly reduce the possibility of ants, cockroaches and other possible pests in your home.

  • Outside Furniture

The summer features a lot of outdoor activity time. You read, bask in the sun, grill or play outside. As fall approaches and the temperatures drop, outdoor activity reduces. You, therefore, need to clean the patio and yard furniture before storing it. Clean the grill if it is still caked in the resultant burnt material that occurred during use. Store it in a safe place away from the elements, or protect them with water-proof covers to extend the life of your patio furniture. When Spring arrives, simply pull off the cover, and they’ll be ready to use.  

  • Refrigerators

The refrigerator also requires your attention as part of your fall cleaning checklist. During the hot weather, the fridge experiences an increase in use, especially for cooling purposes. Food that goes bad while in storage leaves bad odors that can waft towards any fresh food you add. Take out all the contents of the fridge and throw away that which is spoilt. Clean the interior of the refrigerator and mop up any spilled liquids or fluids.

Remove and clean all the movable parts of the fridge, e.g., shelves. Warm water is best for this. Use baking soda on any dried spillage as it acts as an effective abrasive. The coils also need to be cleaned as they may accumulate a lot of dust due to their location, making them function poorly. Use the wand of your vacuum cleaner to get rid of any dust.

  • Sofa Sets

As the summer wears on your couch accumulates a fair bit of dust and requires cleaning in preparation for the fall weather. A dusty sofa can exacerbate any dust allergies you or a family member might have as more time is spent indoors due to the cooling temperatures outside. Vacuum the cushions, the area underneath the cushions, the arms and the headrests.

  • The Carpet

Another item that accumulates dust during summer is the carpet. A thorough clean as you prepare for the fall is also necessary to avoid any dust allergies while you spend more time indoors during the cooler weather. It’s best to hire a professional cleaner for this, especially if you are renting. If you are a tenant of Keyrenter Salt Lake Property Management, they can recommend a qualified vendor for a reasonable price.


The coming of the fall season offers an opportunity for you to clean your house from top to bottom. This is more so in preparation for the long hours that will be spent indoors due to the colder weather outside. A fall cleaning checklist is therefore important in helping you go through all the various items and areas that need cleaning to not leave any of them untouched. Proper all cleaning helps your home become a comfortable place in which to chart the fall season in.

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