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Caring for the Health of Your Home

Keyrenter Salt Lake is focused on finding the right tenant for your home. Our first step in helping your property to make money is by ensuring the property stays in great shape. Keyrenter Salt Lake performs property inspections to identify any red flags with your property that could lead to additional problems. Our team of trained professionals have an eye for small details that could lead to a serious problem for property owners and their tenants. During property inspections we seek out any problems related to your property and any lease violations.

Property Inspection

Property Inspection Services

Keyrenter Salt Lakes team perform multiple inspections of the property over the course of a renter’s tenancy. We abide by the terms of the lease as laid out in the agreement to ensure we can inspect the property as long as we have given sufficient notice to tenants. By performing multiple inspections, our team can identify the state of the home prior to occupancy. Keyrenter Salt Lake also conducts a move-out inspection to determine if a tenant is eligible to receive their deposit money back.

Resolving Problems Quickly

One of our key objectives is to focus on resolving problems quickly. If a member of our team identifies a problem with the property during inspection, we will quickly schedule a visit from certified technicians to repair the problem. Inspections give us the opportunity to identify whether an occupant is breaking the lease agreement and what must be done to resolve any issues.

Protecting Your Bottom Line

Our technicians will keep detailed notes about the property during each inspection. Our detailed notes help to track the state of the house and to catch any discrepancies when a tenant vacates the home. Paying close attention to all the small details allows our team to save you money and time and ensure your property will be given the proper treatment it deserves.


You and your Team are creating a Legendary customer experience. This is beyond business. This is a gift and a legacy. You add to my quality of life. You are providing a \'peace of mind\' that I didn\'t even know was possible in a risky business like rental income properties. That\'s what I see… I am grateful. And you can quote me.

Felicia N.
Property Owner

We\'ve had a great experience renting from Keyrenter. We haven\'t had any issues with privacy, and they\'ve been very responsive whenever we\'ve had maintenance requests. Their property inspector is friendly and helpful, and always seems concerned that we have a house that\'s safe and where everything\'s in good working order.

Katie Henderson
Satisfied Customer

We have been working with Keyrenter for over a year now. They are a great support to tenants and have provided assistance and timely maintenance when we have needed it. I appreciate that they physically check in on their properties to make sure they are being taken care of.

Marcelo T.
Property Owner

Professional, high quality and wonderful customer service, I would give 10 stars if I could. I have not had any issues with Keyrenter in the last 2 years we\'ve leased with them. They work well with our schedule for maintenance requests and are so responsive.

Chanel Cartier
Property Owner

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