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Let Us Manage Your Lehi Rental Property

Most new property owners believe the best way to handle their new investment is alone. While this may seem easy from the outside, being a landlord is a full-time job. You can expect sleepless nights, calls at awkward times, and potentially stress from the maintenance of your property.

So, how should you go about the management of your real estate investment and maximize your profits? Trust in the #1 residential management company serving Bountiful property owners, Keyrenter Salt Lake.

To maintain our position as one of the leading property management companies in Bountiful and beyond, we subscribe to training offered by several real estate organizations. Keyrenter Salt Lake is a member of the National Apartment Association and the National Association of Property Managers.

Ready to enjoy the fruits of property investment in Bountiful? Then call the experts in property management. Our property managers are looking forward to hearing from you.

Get Quality Tenants in 17 Days or Less

Our marketing strategies are extensive and effective. That means you’ll have a high caliber tenant in your property and monthly cashflow fast.

4.6 Star Rating From 50+ Reviews on Google

What goes around comes around. Property owners and residents are happy and satisfied because our customer service is outstanding.

Tenants Pay on Time Every Month

Tired of late payments and chasing tenants down? We’ll take that burden off your shoulders so you can sit back, relax and enjoy life more.

Maximize Your Rental Income and Increase the Value of Your Property

Property management is what we specialize in and do right by our property owners and residents! In fact, they sing our praises not only because we meet their needs, but also because we exceed their expectations.

Having a rental property in Bountiful is a great way to make it work for you as an appreciating asset with passive income!

Value Three

Bountiful is a growing area that has a great demand for single-family and multi-family properties. With our knowledge, experience and resources, we will manage your properties effectively so you can have more free time to do what you love to do.

Value Two

Being in business for over 10 years, we know what it takes to manage and maintain properties and tenants. With our proven systems, technology and the use of online portals, we make it easy for you to maximize your rental income.

Value Three

It doesn’t matter if you own 1 house or 30, by entrusting Keyrenter Property Management with your property in Bountiful, you can be assured you will receive the absolute best customer service at every turn!

Full-Service Property Management Services in Bountiful

Research & Determine Rent

Our team of rental property experts will evaluate your home and research market data to determine the best and highest rent.

Effective Property Marketing

Using professional photos and videos, we market your property on numerous top visited rental sites to get it rented fast.

In-Depth Tenant Screening

We do a comprehensive background and financial check to qualify every tenant and we only place the best of the best in your rental home.

Exceptional Tenant Management

As rental experts, we keep your business compliant with local, state and federal laws. We have a good rapport with our residents and handle all inquiries quickly.

Property Care & Maintenance

We care for and protect your property like it’s our own keeping it looking sharp and running efficiently. We coordinate everything – diagnosis, repairs and invoices.


If you ever must evict a bad tenant, don’t try to handle the time-consuming process alone. We will eliminate the problem and find a new topnotch tenant for you.

Our Property Management Services

Relied upon by hundreds of property owners in the Bountiful area, Keyrenter Salt Lake offers a wide range of property management services. Below, our property management team has outlined some of the services that we offer to give you a feel of what you can expect from us.

Some of the services that we offer include:

Full Rental Analysis

Before you place any tenant on your property, you must ensure that you are charging appropriate rent for the highest return possible while still attracting the right renters. But still, you shouldn’t expect to charge the same rent for five years. Things change in the economy and your rental pricing should change to reflect that.

You can rely on the team from Keyrenter Salt Lake to advise you on how much to charge for your Bountiful property. Our team will carry out an analysis of your property and the neighborhood. As we identify comparables, we will also analyze the quality of amenities on your property vis-a-vis those in the neighborhood.

Collecting the Rent

The only way to meet your investment goals in Bountiful real estate is through the prompt and full collection of rent. Considered a basic responsibility by some, it can come with its own set of challenges. That’s why you need an experienced expert by your side.

Keyrenter Salt Lake has the systems and policies in place to guarantee a full collection of rent every month or quarter. Our experienced property managers are also ready to chase down any defaulters. We will deal with them in a professional manner and ensure that all dues and penalties are paid.

Tenant Screening

Screening Your Tenants

A piece of advice that our managers at Keyrenter Salt Lake can offer is to only rent to high-quality tenants. But What defines such a tenant?

From our experience, this is a tenant who pays their rent on time, relates well with other neighbors, maintains the property, and adheres to the terms of the lease agreement.

To identify a high-quality tenant, you will need a comprehensive tenant screening solution. At Keyrenter Salt Lake, we have the resources, tools, and experience to screen all potential renters. Our screening solution includes rental history, income, employment, credit history, sex offender, criminal background, and social security verification.

Maintaining and Repairing the Property

The typical Bountiful tenant loves a well-maintained property. They love coming home to a property that is aesthetically pleasing all year long. So, to do so, you need to put in the effort and time.
But, why stress yourself when you can hire the leading service provider in Utah?

Keyrenter Salt Lake schedules regular inspections allowing us to identify any possible defects before they become problems. Regular inspections also reduce the cost of replacement of appliances and fittings in the long term.

Should our inspections find anything, or your tenants report a problem, all maintenance issues are handled by our experienced in-house crew.

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Tenant Management

Have you tried your hand at the self-management of the property?

Then you may agree with us that tenant management is one of the most challenging duties you have to perform as Tenants expect you to be ever ready to respond to their requests. Keyrenter Salt Lake offers its clients a comprehensive tenant management system. Regardless of the time of day, your tenants can reach out to us and receive quality service.

Why Property Owners & Investors Choose Us To Manage Their Properties

Our Experience is Unparalleled

For more than 10 years, Keyrenter has been providing superior property management services to thousands of property owners across the U.S.

On-Time Rent Collection & Owner Payments

Tired of late payments every month? We ensure timely rent collection and payments to you, which puts an end to cashflow problems once and for all.

Regular Care & Maintenance

We take the maintenance of your property seriously. Our goal is to keep your current tenants happy by keeping your property well-maintained and highly-appealing at all times.

Maximize Your Income

Our expertise and seamless systems enable us to manage your property effectively and that means less expenses and more profits for you.

Financial Reporting

There’s no other property management company in Bountiful that gives you detailed accounting statements and reports like Keyrenter.

Buy or Sell Properties

Our real estate experts can help you evaluate potential properties and guide you through any purchase or sale with ease and expertise.

Living in Bountiful, UT

Are you looking for the ideal neighborhood away from the hustle and bustle of the city?

Offering large lots of land and an abundance of nature, the city of Bountiful is a great place to invest in. Another attribute that makes Bountiful the ideal place for families and young couples is the quality of the public schools in the area.

Choosing to live in Bountiful means setting your child on the right path. You can choose to enroll your child in Bountiful High School and Viewmont High School among other good options.

Wondering where is the ideal neighborhood to invest in Bountiful? From our experience in the local property market, here are some of the best options: Amby Briggs, Oak crest, Oak Haven Park, Star Heights, and Woodlands Hills Estates.

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About Keyrenter Property Management in Bountiful

While it may be located away from the fast-paced lifestyle of a city, there is still much to do in Bountiful. Households and families have a number of options to choose from.

Some of the notable mentions include:
• Davis Creek Trail
• Gateway Shopping Center
• Center point Legacy Theatre
• South Davis Recreation Center
• The Utah Jazz

Seller Financing

A money-making strategy that allows you to sell your property as-is. Sell it faster.

  • Get an Offer and Get Paid Get a cash down-payment on the sale and monthly payments from the buyer.
  • Skip Showings and Repairs The buyer is responsible for repairs and maintenance saving you time and money.
  • Move on Your Schedule With only two main players involved, seller financing gives both parties greater flexibility.
Seller Finance


We work with new and seasoned investors to help you create the wealth and freedom you desire.

  • Get an Offer and Get Paid Get a cash down-payment on the sale and monthly payments from the buyer.
  • Skip Showings and Repairs The buyer is responsible for repairs and maintenance saving you time and money.
  • Move on Your Schedule With only two main players involved, seller financing gives both parties greater flexibility.
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