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Millcreek property management is what we specialize in residential areas! We know being a landlord is tough. Let a property management company that has experience, tools and resources make it easy! It doesn’t matter if you own 50 houses or just 1 house, as a property owner entrusting Keyrenter Property Management, you will be treated with unparalleled customer service! Millcreek is a growing, developing area that has a great demand for property rentals. We’ll find qualified tenants for your property fast! Call us at 801.783.1300 or contact us today for a free market assessment based on your property’s features in your specific area!

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The city of Millcreek population total was 62,139 in 2010. Hispanic, Latino and Asian residents contribute to the community's cultural diversity, and, from 2011 to 2015, 10.8 percent of Millcreek's entire population was born outside the United States. During that time period, 14.6 percent of the residents who were 5 years of age or older spoke a language other than English in their homes. Of the adults who were 25 years or older from 2011 to 2015, 94.1 percent of them had graduated from high school or had completed higher education, and 44.1 percent had a bachelor's degree or a higher education level.
Millcreek Property Management Like the rest of Utah, the city provides opportunities for many kinds of outdoor activities. The setting of mountains and canyons makes the area a popular place for hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding and river expeditions. Several parks are in the city, including Mill Creek Canyon, which is operated by the U.S. Forest Service. The small Bonneville Trailhead Park is the starting point for the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. The city also has Big Cottonwood East, Big Cottonwood Regional, Canyon Rim, Olympus Hills, Evergreen and Tanner parks as well as Parley's Historic Nature Park. State parks, federal wilderness areas and Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest are nearby. Golfing is another one of the residents' favorite activities, and multiple golf courses are available. Recreation areas include Big Cottonwood Park Softball Complex and the community center. Annual events include the Venture Outdoors Festival and Movie Nights. During the latter, movies are shown outdoors from June through August. Numerous historic sites are in the Salt Lake City area and other Utah locations. One of Millcreek's historic sites is the Amanda Conk Best House, which was constructed in 1896. Put on the National Register of Historic Places in 2008, the brick house features Victorian Queen Anne architecture. In addition to being known as the Amanda Conk Best House, the structure is also called the Beal House, Boyle House and Aoki House. Settlement in area dates to the late 1840s, but the location did not become a city until Dec. 28, 2016, following voters' approval to incorporate Millcreek Township. Communities in the township-turned-city include its namesake as well as East Millcreek, Canyon Rim and Mount Olympus. About a decade before the incorporation occurred, the township's namesake community had a larger population than each of the other three communities. Its number of residents was 33,557. East Millcreek population was the next largest at 13,125. Canyon Rim had 9,763 people, and Mount Olympus had 5,354. Almost all of the houses that were in the city in February 2017 were built in the middle to late 20th century. Most of them, 72.8 percent, were constructed from 1970 to 1999. Another 21.3 percent of them were built during the period of 1940 to 1969. The city's residents live in single-family homes, townhouses and apartment complexes. The apartment complexes make up 51.6 percent of the homes. Single-family homes compose 17.2 percent of the local housing market while townhouses are 14.4 percent of it. At 68.6 percent, most of the city's homes have two or fewer rooms that qualify as bedrooms. An additional 26.3 percent have three to four bedrooms, and 5.1 percent have five or more bedrooms. When adjusted to 2015 dollars, Millcreek's median household income was $57,672 during 2011 to 2015, according to Census Bureau statistics. As of February 2017, the location's median home value was $236,100. The median price of homes listed for sale at that time was higher, at $289,900. Also during that time, real estate prices in the city were higher than the prices in about 63 percent of the communities in Utah. They also were higher than the prices in roughly 70 percent of the communities in the United States.

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The average monthly rent was $1,446 for a three-bedroom house in the city in December 2016. That amount is slightly higher than the $1,434 average monthly rent for all homes in the location during the same month. Landlords frequently benefit by obtaining assistance from a qualified, experienced local property management firm. Our property management team specializes in residential areas throughout Millcreek, UT. We offer multiple services to take your rental property and convert it into reliable income. We have a thorough screening process that helps to identify the right tenants for your property. Our team works hard to keep both parties happy through effective communication, bullet proof lease agreements, and timely monthly rent collection. We offer maintenance services to enhance the property and ensure that it will retain or increase in value. We oversee everything, allowing you to sit back and relax and know that your property and your tenants are in good hands. Contact us today if you are ready to receive a comprehensive analysis of your rental property and to inquire about our Millcreek area property management services.

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