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Landlords like yourself come to us for many reasons that are all too familiar…

They can’t find good tenants
They need help with a problem tenant
They’re moving soon and need help with everything.
They’re frustrated with their current property manager
The lack of communication, excessive maintenance costs and other things.


Marcelo T. Real Estate Investor

Marcelo T. Real Estate Investor

Marcelo T. Real Estate Investor

Here’s What You Can Expect From Us

Communication is the Key Success

Open, Honest & Professional Communications

Same Day Response & Follow-through

Exceptional Customer Service

Attract Top-Quality Prospects

Advertising on 50+ Sites

24/7 Leasing Operators

Leasing Guarantee

Find & Place Reliable Tenants Fast

96% of Tenants Pay on Time

Less Than 1% Eviction Rate

Tenant Guarantee

Residents Stay Long-term Because They’re Happy

76% Renewal Rate

3 Days Maintenance Completion

Tenant Advantage Program

Reduce Your Risk, Liability & Stress

AssetProtect Insurance

Routine Inspections

Tenant Accountability

No Long-Term Contracts


Service Guarantee

Proven Track Record

Our Performance Guarantees

We believe so strongly in providing an all-around superior experience to landlords, investors and tenants alike that we offer the best guarantees in the business. You won’t find this level of Leasing, Tenant, Maintenance and Service Guarantees anywhere else. Guaranteed.

Find Out How Much Your Home Will Rent For

The housing market is constantly changing and the rent on your property may be more than you realize. Our certified property managers are happy to do a comparative rental analysis so you can see rent prices for similar homes in the area and make sure you’re getting the highest rental price for yours.

Find Out How Much Your Home Will Rent For…


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Get Top-Quality, Reliable Tenants in 17 Days or Less…

of residents pay on time every month (even during COVID-19).

of residents renew each year because they’re happy and satisfied

of our properties have been eviction-free over the last 5 years

How We Find Reliable Tenants Fast

Top Rental Price

Our proven strategies give our property management experts useful information about market trends, vacancy and saturation rates, and other important factors to determine the best possible pricing and leasing strategies for your home.

Professional Presentation

We’ll make your home look awesome with our professional photography and video service. A well-maintained home paired with great photos and videos brings us great tenants, fast!

Effective Marketing

Maximum internet exposure is critical! We feature your home on more than 50 sites including: Rentler, KSL, Zillow, Trulia, HotPads,,, and more. We also use “For Rent” signs with access to instant text info and 24/7 agents..

24/7 Leasing Team

We have double the staff of our competitors for high touch, high quality service. Not only is our dedicated leasing team knowledgeable about every property, but they are also available 24/7 to answer questions, schedule viewings and not miss any leads.

10 Reasons Why Landlords & Investors Trust Keyrenter

  1. Oustanding Communications — same day response and follow-through
  2. Extremely Low Vacancies — we line up the next renter before the current tenant moves out
  3. Happy Residents — thanks to our Tenant Happiness Program
  4. Low Maintenance Costs — we take maintenance issues seriously, respond quickly and are connected with excellent contractors that get the job done right
  5. Simple Pricing Structure — fully transparent with no hidden fees or surcharges
  6. Reliable Monthly Statements — a perfect blend of detailed items that are easy to understand
  7. Monthly Direct Deposits — consistent monthly payments ensure reliable cash flow
  8. Drastically Reduce Your Risk & Liability — we carefully oversee your property with routine inspections and tenant accountability and offer AssetProtect insurance
  9. Landlord & Investor Educational Videosstay informed & up-to-date
  10. We Give Back to Our Communitysee how Keyrenter Cares

Lower Your Risk & Liability With AssetProtect Insurance

We have a Tenant Advantage Program that reduces your risk and liability where your property is concerned. It provides renter’s insurance and renter’s liability policies that cover your property and the residents. Want to know the best part? It’s at no additional charge to property owners!

Although we give tenants the option to pro vide us with their own insurance policy, we make it easier and less expensive for them by having them auto-enroll in our policies that are designed with you in mind. They provide maximum coverage against major tenant-caused damage plus additional coverage to mitigate other possible issues.

Your property has guaranteed coverage through AssetProtect!

Protect Your Valuable Asset Against:

Smoke, fire, water & explosion
Back up or overflow of sewer, drain & sump pump
Falling objects or collapse
Freezing of pipes
Loss of rental income
Pet damage
Mold remediation
Bed bug remediation


1 What type of properties do you manage?

We specialize in Single-Family homes, Duplexes, Condos, and Town Homes. We do not manage commercial, associations, vacation rentals, non-conforming duplexes, rent by the room, or properties not meeting our minimum condition standards.

2 Are you licensed?

Yes! We hold the following licenses and accreditations:

  • Licensed Brokerage with the Utah Division of Real Estate
  • Salt Lake Board of REALTORS®
  • National Board of REALTORS®
  • Members of NARPM, the National Association of Residential Property Managers
  • Accredited members of NARPM holding the RMP®
  • Utah Chapter of NARPM.
  • Better Business Bureau
3 How does Keyrenter save owners and investors money?
  1. Lowering Vacancy Costs by leasing homes fast to great tenants who want to stay.
  2. Lower Maintenance Costs by not charging mark-ups on routine maintenance, negotiating lower rates, and having resources to recruit great vendors.
  3. Increased Time Savings for our owners so they can focus on what they do best.
  4. Increased Rent Collection through proven strategies gives us an on-time payment rate of 96%. Our eviction rate of less than 1% saves owners thousands in legal fees and other costs.
  5. Lowered Liability & Legal by having legal counsel on retainer, proven lease agreements, verification of insurances, and staying up to date on local and national laws.
  6. Lower Costs from Mistakes caused by a lack of an owner’s understanding, knowledge, resources, processes, policies, and structure.
4 How do I prepare the home I am living in to be a rental property?

Here’s a free guide for you to view to help you in preparing your home to be a rental: Click Here

5 Can I rent out my house as a furnished rental?

Except for cases of vacation rentals or executive housing, we discourage furnishing your rental in a long-term rental situation. Watch the video to learn more.

6 How is Keyrenter different than other companies?

Watch this video describing how Keyrenter is different from other companies.

7 How can I have a successful rental property?
  1. Treat your rental like a business…because it is a business.
  2. Have a financial reserve in a separate bank account set aside for rental properties. We recommend having three months rental payments in reserve to cover the “unexpected.”
  3. Expect the “unexpected.” Something is going to happen at some point, it’s inevitable. Whether it’s a major repair, capital improvement, or a tenant that stops paying rent (job loss, etc.). Something will happen, and if you’re prepared financially, with funds set aside, it will not be a big deal.
  4. Savvy real estate investors plan on investing 10% of their rental income back into the property each year. Think of it as investing back into your retirement account. Except in this case it’s for upkeep, maintenance, tenant turnover, etc.
  5. Plan on maintaining the property and allowing your property manager to keep the property in good repair, looking nice, and up to a good minimum recommended standard.
  6. If you have an underlying mortgage, plan on being a month ahead of the rental income. For example, use June’s rental income to pay July’s mortgage payment. Doing this is simply financial common sense.
  7. Maintain a good liability rental investment insurance policy, which additionally insures your property manager. Often times you can get discounts by having a property manager.
  8. Keep the landscaping simple. If you have flower beds, remove the flowers and lay bark or rock. This will make turnovers much easier and your tenants will thank you for making their lives easier. Remember, less is more!
  9. Don’t leave the washer and dryer, unless it’s in an area that requires stackable. You rarely will get more rent, unless it’s an apartment complex. Often times the tenant will have their own. If you provide one, you will need to maintain it, which can be costly.
  10. Disconnect emotionally from the property and don’t get too attached to the flowers, or the fact that you may have lived there at some point. Remember, since you decided to turn the property into a rental, it should be treated as a business.
  11. Allow your property manager to manage the property. Keep an arm’s-length relationship with your property and allow the professional you hired to make day-to-day decisions on your behalf. An owner that manages the property and tenant by telling the property manager what to do, is most always a recipe for a failed management strategy.
  12. Be ok with not knowing all the details. Since you treat it as a business, know the key financial and performance metrics. Leave the rest to your property manager to handle.
  13. Remember that since your property is being professionally managed, it is subject to Fair Housing and other laws.
8 Can I store my personal belongings at the rental property?

It is strongly recommended to not leave personal belongings or equipment at the property. The exception to this is extra paint, tile, etc.

Don’t even leave a lawn more. If your tenant gets injured using a lawn more you leave at the property, you could be held liable!

9 Does my property need a business license?

Many cities require you register your property and obtain a license. Contact us for assistance with this process.

10 Should I add my Property Manager to my insurance policy?

The short answer is an emphatic YES.


If you don’t add your property manager as additional insured, and you and/or your property manager are sued by a neighbor, tenant, visitor, etc. for something related to the property, you will be required to pay your property manager’s legal fees and expenses out of your own pocket. It is much better to have a unified defense and coverage extending to both parties. That is what the property’s liability policy is for.

As the policy is converted to a rental policy, adding your property manager as additional insured will be commonplace. Often insurance carriers give discounts to owners hiring professional management, because they see their risk is decreased.

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