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Protect The Value Of Your Property

Proactive maintenance & property inspections that keep your property in good condition.

Property Inspection Services

  • Keyrenter Salt Lakes team perform multiple inspections of the property over the course of a renter’s tenancy.
  • We abide by the terms of the lease as laid out in the agreement to ensure we can inspect the property as long as we have given sufficient notice to tenants.
  • By performing multiple inspections, our team can identify the state of the home prior to occupancy.
  • Keyrenter Salt Lake also conducts a move-out inspection to determine if a tenant is eligible to receive their deposit money back.

Resolving Problems Quickly

  • One of our key objectives is to focus on resolving problems quickly.
  • If a member of our team identifies a problem with the property during inspection, we will quickly schedule a visit from certified technicians to repair the problem.
  • Inspections give us the opportunity to identify whether an occupant is breaking the lease agreement and what must be done to resolve any issues.

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Protecting Your Bottom Line

  • Our technicians will keep detailed notes about the property during each inspection.
  • Our detailed notes help to track the state of the house and to catch any discrepancies when a tenant vacates the home.
  • Paying close attention to all the small details allows our team to save you money and time and ensure your property will be given the proper treatment it deserves.

Maintenance Assistant Help

  • We don’t think maintenance services should be a challenge.
  • Keyrenter Salt Lake gets in touch with your tenants to ensure the property is kept up to standards. Tenants can learn more about their property by logging into the online portal.
  • After diagnosing the issue, one of our trained technicians will go out to the property to ensure it is cared for in the right way.

Professional Repair Services

  • Keyrenter Salt Lake has a large pool of qualified technicians and specialists to help with various home maintenance needs.
  • We don’t skimp on labor and delivery of materials and supplies needed for repairs.
  • Our in-house team will handle all of the problems that arise and make sure your tenants are taken care of thanks to our professional experts.

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Saving You Money with Our Maintenance Services

  • Most homeowners and property managers track their monthly utility bills to see the peaks and valleys of energy consumption.
  • If you fear your property is losing money, it may be attributed to the way in which the property is handled.
  • Keyrenter Salt Lake implements a streamlined operating process that assists in reducing common maintenance headaches.
  • Don’t waste money on maintenance repairs when Keyrenter Salt Lake can provide you with all the professional services from local experts.

13 Points to Having a Successful Rental Property

We can keep your property rented with quality tenants and help protect your investment.

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