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REALTOR® Resources & Referral Program

1. Realtor® Referral Program

We offer a $222 Referral Fee and Return Client GUARANTEE to any licensed Realtor® who refers a client for Property Management.  (LEARN MORE & REFER HERE).

2. Instant and Free Rental Quote

If you have a client or investor wanting to know how much their home or investment could rent for, you can run a free rental quote using our Rent Value system to generate a professional evaluation you can present to your clients and investors (Click Here).

3. Rental Financial Proforma

96% of our tenants pay on time each month. Yes, 96%! That’s because we make sure every tenant we place is high-caliber, reliable and has the means to pay rent.

4. Rental Market Updates

We provide you with free market updates so you have a good pulse on the rental market and changes.

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5. Our Client Guarantees:

Check out our Client Guarantees which provide a frustration free property management experience for your clients.

6. CE Classes:

We provide you with free training, CE classes, and education on real estate investing and property management.

7. Property Management Solution:

If you work with an investor or a homeowner who needs to rent their house, we can be your property management solution for them. Get paid to refer and get our Return Client Guarantee! (LEARN MORE & REFER HERE) If your client is looking to have a rental property, or your listed property just won’t sell, don’t leave your commission hanging in the air. Instead, refer your customers to Keyrenter Salt Lake. We’ll provide the excellent service we’re known for, making you look good in the process. We pay you for every property once it’s leased to a tenant. Should you find the right buyer in the months ahead, we’ll refer the sale back to you. We nurture your client for you and never steal commissions away from our REALTOR® partners. It’s a win-win-win situation for everyone.

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We Find Tenants

Unless you're an experienced marketer, locating tenants for your rental property often proves immensely tricky. Our marketing and tenant placement services simplify the process for you. We only place qualified tenants who will respect your home.


Don't want the hassle of handling evictions? Let Keyrenter Salt Lake serve as your advocate. If a situation with a tenant deteriorates, we'll take the necessary legal steps to remove the individual from your property and find new tenants for the property.

Property Inspections

Stop worrying about the state of your property—let our team perform inspections on your behalf. We visit the property throughout the duration of the lease, ensuring all is as it seems and no problems need to be addressed to keep your property healthy.


Keeping up with the maintenance for your rental property is an important consideration that will allow your home to generate income for years to come. We perform work efficiently, keeping tenants satisfied. We also offer 24/7 service, in the case of emergencies.

Let Us Help You Make Your Investments Work

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