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Sprinkler Setup Instructions


Tools you will need:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  1. Long Sprinkler Key (if main valve is in yard) click HERE for picture of what it looks like. If you don’t have one, one of your neighbors will. You can also borrow one from our office if you call ahead. 
  2. Flat Head Screw Driver (if you have a Back Flow Preventer)
  3. Other basic hand tools as needed

Steps & Instructions to Setup Sprinklers: 

  1. Check valve boxes to see how many zones your sprinkler system has. Check to make sure all valve solenoids are closed. (Click here for a video)
  2. If your property has a Backflow Preventer (click here for picture), make sure the backflow valves and test valves are closed on the backflow. You will know the main valves and the test valves are closed when they are perpendicular to the pipe. (Watch Video)
  3. Locate the Main Sprinkler Shut off Valve (Stop & Waste)
    1. If Main Sprinkler Valve is inside the house, likely in the basement, check this Video.
    2. If Main Sprinkler Valve (Stop & Waste) is underground in the yard, check this Video
      1. Watch this video HERE for specific instructions on turning on the main valve.
  4. Slowly turn on the water in the basement at the the main valve, or in the yard at the main valve. 
  5. Check for leaks at the backflow. Or if there is no backflow, at the valve boxes. Turn on the main valves at the backflow to run water to the valve boxes.
  6. Test the system and set the timer. 
    1. Orbit
    2. Toro
    3. Rain Bird (watch first half)
    4. Other? Search Youtube.com
  7. Recommended water schedule. (This varies throughout the summer, check the Utah Guide)
    1. Days to Water
      1. April (no watering)
      2. May
        1. Mon, Wed, Fri
      3. June, July, August 
        1. Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun
    2. Start Time: 4:30 am
    3. Time per Zone
      1. Constant spray heads (picture): 20 minutes per zone
      2. Rotating heads (picture): 45 minutes per zone

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