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Finding the Best Renters for Your Property

Finding the best tenants can become a major challenge for anyone. We understand how hard it is to find tenants, and keep the good ones! Tenant challenges helped us create a comprehensive tenant screening process that allows us to identify the best tenants. Our job is to weed out any potential red flags that could translate to trouble with tenants down the road. We understand that the only way for your property to make money is to keep tenants inside. Through our tenant screening we have created our process to find tenants that not only pay on time, but ones that will respect your property as if it were their own. Choose Keyrenter Salt Lake for your property management needs and let us help you find the right renters for you!

Find Renters

Tenant Screening

A rental is only as successful as the tenant living there. That’s why we put a lot of our resources towards finding the best tenant for your rental property. We stand behind our tenant placement services by offering our Tenant Guarantee (learn more).

Our comprehensive and rigorous tenant screening process is unmatched. We run a thorough credit and delinquency check, criminal history, eviction and national registry searches, debt-to-income check, employment and income verification, rental history, and more. Learn about our 6 Rules of Tenant Screening (Click Here)

View our sample screening checklist below:

We Start with Informative Marketing Efforts

How do we bring the best tenants to your property? We begin by using an aggressive marketing program that helps us identify local renters looking for places to rent in Salt Lake and surrounding areas. We then advertise the vacancies online in local classifieds and other areas where potential renters commonly search for vacancies. Once we have an individual contact our office about the property, we place them into our screening process and schedule an apartment showing along with answering any questions they may have about the property. Our real estate listings and process are designed to help a potential renter fall in love with the property and have all the information they need before calling our office. Informative marketing helps to weed out the good renters from the ones that may not be best suited for your property.

Our Careful Screening Process

Keyrenter Salt Lake understands that the only way your property will make money is by keeping the property filled. We focus on placing the best tenants in your property. Our careful screening process is designed to look over all the information submitted by would-be renters and review and verify every detail. From credit history to criminal background checks and employment verification, we make sure the tenants we bring to your property are going to be trustworthy individuals that pay on time and abide by your property rules. Our program is the easiest way to find the right tenants and make sure you’re protected.

Lease Signings? We’re Here to Help

Do you struggle to keep good tenants? Do you have a solid lease agreement that clearly lays out the expectations to your renters? Keyrenter Salt Lake has a foolproof lease agreement that will prevent a number of problems. We collect the security deposit and will perform a move-in inspection and make notes of any issues or problems we feel could arise with the property. We can assist your new tenant with any questions they have, and we are here to help them understand how to care for their property and remain in good standing as a tenant. We have a low eviction rate as we have chosen the best renters for our client’s needs!


You and your Team are creating a Legendary customer experience. This is beyond business. This is a gift and a legacy. You add to my quality of life. You are providing a \'peace of mind\' that I didn\'t even know was possible in a risky business like rental income properties. That\'s what I see… I am grateful. And you can quote me.

Felicia N.
Property Owner

We\'ve had a great experience renting from Keyrenter. We haven\'t had any issues with privacy, and they\'ve been very responsive whenever we\'ve had maintenance requests. Their property inspector is friendly and helpful, and always seems concerned that we have a house that\'s safe and where everything\'s in good working order.

Katie Henderson
Satisfied Customer

We have been working with Keyrenter for over a year now. They are a great support to tenants and have provided assistance and timely maintenance when we have needed it. I appreciate that they physically check in on their properties to make sure they are being taken care of.

Marcelo T.
Property Owner

Professional, high quality and wonderful customer service, I would give 10 stars if I could. I have not had any issues with Keyrenter in the last 2 years we\'ve leased with them. They work well with our schedule for maintenance requests and are so responsive.

Chanel Cartier
Property Owner

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