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What is your most important KPI?

Hey friends, Nate, with Keyrenter Property Management here, and today I wanted to talk to you about the most important metric or KPI in your life and your business.

Oftentimes in business, we talk about KPIs and metrics and all these things that we should be tracking to see how we’re doing, what the projection is of our business in various segments or different categories.

Last week we had our Keyrenter Summit, which is essentially a two-day day conference for all of our Keyrenter offices to come together for training, learning, networking, and development.

This year we did it virtually and we had a great time with each other. We used a platform that was really interactive and our keynote speaker was Brendon Burchard. Google his name, YouTube his name; you’ll see that he’s a very high-profile speaker and entrepreneur. He’s the personal coach of Oprah Winfrey and many influential people in the world. One of the most sought-after speakers and coaches. He spoke to our small Keyrenter group, which is really incredible, a great experience to hear from him, but afterward learning some of the things that he was sharing, made me think what is the most important KPI in my life?

What is your most important KPI? Is it profit? Is it revenue? And I think it transcends all those things to be you, you are the most important KPI, and your physical health, your mental health, your emotional, spiritual health, those four areas of your life will transfer into all of the other areas of your life and your business relationships; so when we’re looking at our own development and our own ability to be better every day and striving to be the best possible version of ourselves that we can be, what does it take?

And it’s something that I’ve taken seriously in my life, especially over the last five-seven years or so of having some daily things that I can do to work on improving myself.

I call it my morning revolution. It’s about 60 minutes of exercise, meditation, affirmation, and different things that I do that I’ve learned from Hal Elrod, who’s the founder of miracle morning and other people and I made it my own. If you want a copy of that, I’m happy to send it to you, just reply to the email and we’ll send that to you.

It starts with weekly and daily habits and things that we do to improve ourselves, to target these four areas of ourselves, and then have those transcend into the other six areas of our life, being relationships, friends, mission and financial and different areas of life.

My invitation to you guys is to keep in mind that in all of the different things that we’re seeking in life and all of the different priorities that we have, and if we run our own real estate team or own property management company or real estate investments, there’s a lot of things to be looking at, but those are dramatically impacted by our own health.

And it’s so important to not forget. Darren Hardy even talks about this experience of when he went to this horse race track and met with the owner of this world-renowned racehorse that was winning all kinds of races and they had the diet and the exercise routine, everything down to a science and every little thing that this horse consumed yet, the owner of the horse was extremely over overweight, obese, very unhealthy.

And you know, it just goes to show that this guy was so concerned about his horse. “Don’t let the horse eat that it’s going to ruin his performance”, but what about the performance of the owner? And what about our own performance in our own lives, in our own business? How are we doing and how is that impacting our ability to be the best that we can be for the people that need us to be great, Right? That’s one of the questions that Brendan asks us to ask ourselves each day: who needs me to be excellent today?

Who do I want to be? What do I want to feel like today? So I hope this is helpful for you guys and feel free to reach out.


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